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99.67% of all orders executed in less than 1 sec.

99.67% of all orders executed in less than 1 sec.

Strict NO re-quotes policy – NO Virtual Dealer plug-in

100% execution rate – no rejection of orders

Real-time market execution

Placing orders online or by phone


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BS Trading’s Legendary Execution Method

BS Trading has pioneered at introducing a no re-quotes and no rejection of orders policy since 2017. We offer 100% execution of orders with 99.67% of all our orders executed in less than 2 seconds.

Placing Orders

Our trading platform supports market, limit, stop and trailing stop orders, and you have the freedom to place orders at any time during trading hours. In case you prefer telephone trading and speaking directly to any of our dealers, at BS Trading this is also possible. Your position will remain open until the closing trade is executed; moreover, your account balance is updated real-time according to current market prices.

With fractional pip pricing you can trade with tighter spreads and enjoy most accurate quoting possible.

Kindly note that you may only hold up to 500 positions open simultaneously (per client and including pending orders).

Fills on Market Orders

At BS Trading you can trade 10 million with a simple click, as we guarantee fills on market orders up to 100 lots (10 million). However, if you intend to deal in an amount even bigger than this, you can either split up the order into smaller trade sizes, or request your full trade by telephone.

Fills on Stop – Loss and Limit Orders

At BS Trading, we understand the importance of stop-loss and limit orders in risk management, this is why we guarantee fills on both such orders up to 100 lots at the best available market price.

Holiday and Weekend Execution

Should there any market gaps occur from a Friday close to a Sunday opening, BS Trading executes all pending limit or stop orders at the first available market price for the corresponding position size.

Volatile or Illiquid Market Trading

Thanks to its alertness and business partnerships with various liquidity providers, BS Trading aims to serve you best even during volatile market conditions by executing orders at the best available market price.